Happy New Year from the PPN.  The start of a new year can sometimes feel a bit arbitrary and there are different New Year dates in different cultures (as well as different Christmas dates).  However, the change of the year number often does feel like a marker and a point to reset and refocus.  It can also be a time of creating expectations for oneself that may not be easily achievable e.g. joining a gym and doing more exercise. While the goals are desirable, we don’t all find them easy to stick to and then we may use them as ways to criticise ourselves.  As psychological professionals, I’m sure we are all aware of the potential impact of this pattern of behaviour.  Perhaps we could also see this as an opportunity to try new things and review their fit for ourselves – so maybe not the gym but perhaps a regular walk is achievable?

So how do we use the opportunity of a new year to refocus wisely?  From the perspective of the PPN, we have work to get on with including refreshing the website and developing workforce transformation offers and our work with Health Education England.   There is also the work our special interest groups continue to develop e.g. PWP wellbeing survey.  We are also keen to hear from you and one of the things we will be trying out this year is guest blogs.  This will be an opportunity to hear other voices and opinions and provide the potential for additional conversations and potential developments and/or sharing of ideas.  So, please watch this space over the next few weeks for our first guest blog spot.

The Language of Mental Health
The Eyes Have It


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