Christmas is a time for giving

It’s coming to that time of year again when there is a big focus on Christmas and its associated customs.  Whether you celebrate or you don’t, it’s practically impossible to ignore the general focus on the buying of gifts for others and planning a meal with others. 

Some of us may be thinking about what gifts we would like to receive for Christmas and worrying about finishing the shopping for others.  This led me to wonder about giving in general and how psychological approaches are about enabling and empowering.   So what would the PPN give for Christmas and to whom?

Some of my thoughts (in no particular order) are below.

  • A voice to all our members that means they feel empowered and enabled to articulate the value of psychological approaches in all areas of health and social care.

  • Recognition that psychological approaches should contribute to all parts of health and social care that is shared by all our colleagues, commissioners, leaders.

  • Patients, service users and carers are empowered to ask for psychological input as routine and not feel stigmatised or as if they are asking for a luxury.

  •  A network in all other parts of England to support psychological professionals in those areas to flourish and develop psychological approaches further.
  •  A national voice for psychological professions that is part of government and also NHS England.

So how does a network give presents like these?  We hope we can support our members in being that voice and that this can contribute to better experiences and outcomes for people who use health and social care services.  We think that the more we all contribute and promote this then we grow our voice and our Christmas gifts are achievable and not wishes.   Perhaps our New Year’s resolutions should include:  What can I do to make these Christmas gifts happen?


With best wishes for a good festive season.

Happy New Year!
A National Voice?


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