Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to 2015 being a successful year for the Psychological Professions Network - North West.   We launched in February 2014 and since then the PPN now has nearly 800 members.  Networks have been set up with counsellors, cognitive behaviour therapists, psychological well-being practitioners and psychological services leads as well as other areas such as CPD.  Just before Christmas, we also met with psychological colleagues in the North East of England to explore how we can support each other in promoting psychological approaches and workforce development with Health Education across the North

In the next few weeks, the first meetings of the Workforce Board and Executive Steering Group will take place.  The Workforce Board includes representatives from a range of professions and clinical and academic areas to help inform and drive the strategic direction of the PPN.  The Executive Steering Group is a smaller group that will ensure that the work of PPN is on track.  These replace the interim steering group and will work to making the PPN governance more engaged with its members and provide a way of being more responsive both to our members and in contributing to regional and national initiatives.

The 2nd Annual Conference is to take place on 4th March.  Our key note speaker is Gregor Henderson who is the National Director for Public Mental health (part of Public Health England).  I think this will give us a good insight and perspective into the work of Public Health England and enable us to consider how psychological approaches can contribute to the national agendas on Health and Well-being and Parity of Esteem.

The New Savoy Partnership conference on Psychological Therapies is due to take place in February and we’re really proud that PPN has been asked to be a partner organisation in the New Savoy Partnership.  We’re also contributing to a survey measuring the well-being of psychological staff and mangers.  This is a follow-up to one conducted in 2009.  The findings are to be used at the conference to construct a Staff Well-being and Clinical Freedom Charter.  Please do contribute to the survey to make it as representative as possible – it only takes 5 minutes (https://response.questback.com/britishpsychologicalsociety/nsp2015/)

Finally, we are still welcoming more members, more ideas and hearing from you about what’s important, how you can help and contribute to the PPN and promoting the importance of psychological approaches.

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