We’re excited to let you know that our 3rd national Psychological Professions into Action online workshop will be launching on 27th May 2020. This conversation will seek your feedback about what we’ve drafted based on the ideas and insights shared in the first two online workshops. 

PPsIntoAction aims to establish a more inclusive way of working together, where everyone’s voice matters in shaping policy and directing action – we know that the best ideas are developed through the collective wisdom of psychological professionals, related health and care workers, service users, carers and families. With this in mind, we’ll be asking you to review what we’ve drafted and tell us what’s strong, wrong or missing. This will help us to refine our co-created assets to ensure they are truly co-created.

Look out for your invitation email on the 27th May.  We can't wait to hear what you think.

Meanwhile, please cascade this email widely. Anyone with an interest or passion in NHS commissioned psychological healthcare can join this online workshop.

You don't need to have participated in the previous ones. Anyone who hasn’t already registered can do so by following this link ppsintoaction.org.