Happy New Year 2020 and now for Psychological Professions into Action

The national conversation is due to start for Psychological Professions into Action.  Some of you may have already heard of this, some of you may already signed up and some of you may have been at the conference and heard more about it there.

But if you haven’t, we need your help.  We want to hear from you to help shape a national strategy and the future development of psychological professions in England. 

How can we make maximum impact for the public?

We already know that people want psychological interventions and we know that many cannot access psychological interventions or wait for a long time.  We know that people don’t always get a choice.  What do you think would make a difference?  What ideas do you have that would improve public/patient/service user experience?

So what do you need to do?

Sign up to be part of it here:  Psychological Professions into Action

Share this with your colleagues and friends.

The project is a crowdsourced research exercise to develop a national conversation.  It’s been used for feedback on other consultations and developments.  The beauty of it is you can contribute your ideas, comment on others’ thoughts and ideas, like and dislike ideas as much or as little as you want.  Your comments are anonymised.   In past exercises, this method has attracted over 4000 participants with 20,000 comments/ideas. 

If we can get as much input as possible then we’ll be more confident that we are representing the views of psychological professions because we will have collectively shaped what we think we can do. 

So please do get involved?  Don’t make it a New Year’s resolution.  Just do it and Together, we can change the world.

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