Magic Wands

The Psychological Professions into Action have started the online workshop for us all to share our thoughts and ideas. 

A question to think about is:  If you had a magic wand, what would the future look like if psychological professionals could realise their full potential?

So far we’ve had 106 ideas about this and I’m sure there are more and we really want to hear from you what you think would make a difference to psychological impact on care.

There are many areas to think about and it would be great to have as many people’s perspectives as possible. 

If you are a service user/patient/carer, where would you wave your magic wand to improve the impact of psychological professionals?

If you are a psychological professional, working clinically, where would wave your magic wand? 

If you work in health and social care, where would you wave your magic wand?

If you are in training, a student, at school – what do you want to see?

If you have a view on what psychological professionals can do, we want to hear from you.

It’s easy to do, just sign up at https://ppsintoaction.clevertogether.com/en/signUp

It really, really does only take a few minutes and you can see all the ideas people have posted.  It’s also completely anonymised so it is a safe space to post ideas.   And also vote for the ideas you like. 

You can have as many magic wands as you like in this too.


So what would my magic wands look like?

In no particular order, I’ve been thinking about

Improving staff wellbeing

National leadership

Trauma informed services

Enough time for service users/patients/carers

Working to prevent psychological problems in the population.

….and the list could go on?

There will be different perspectives and priorities – and it’s really important we get input from a wide range of all of you.  It’s a national conversation and all these ideas will go forward and contribute to a psychological professions future strategy.

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