20th April 2017, King's House Conference Centre, Manchester

One year from the publication of the Challenge on Dementia 2020 Implementation Plan, Dementia 2017: Implementing Better Care is taking place to provide the opportunity to discuss the quality and consistency of dementia care across England, the initial outcomes of pilot programmes that have been created and the emerging innovations to ensure high standards of care and support for those with dementia and their families

This agenda will explore how to reduce dementia inequalities from the best practice approaches across the country. The significant inconsistencies shown on the NHS Dementia Atlas released in August 2016, has encouraged national organisations such as NHS England and Public Health England to advise on the support of people with dementia from a variety of communities. Care Quality Commission has promoted inspections to local dementia groups to get feedback about services and examine the key priorities for improving provision of quality, promoting contributions from local dementia groups, volunteers and carers.

Join us at Dementia 2017: Implementing Better Care to hear about practical sessions from leading organisations that will encourage the adoption of key actions to make England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness.

Visit the website for more information and to book your place on the course.