10th January 2016
Adelphi House, Salford

About 350 victims have reported child sexual abuse within UK football clubs, police chiefs have said.

The NSPCC says more than 860 people have called its dedicated football hotline, set up a week ago. read more

The coverage once again emphasises the pervasiveness of CSE, children of different genders at various environment, unexpected at times, are exposed to the danger of CSE.

Salford University would like to invite colleagues to their Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Exploitation course on 10/1/17 at the University of Salford, Manchester.

The course explores the reporting mechanisms and assessments needed to investigate the issues surrounding child protection as part of your safeguarding children policy. With this invitation, colleagues from PPN are eligible for a maximum of 2 part funded place (Please Contact here to arrange the part funded places).