In May 2016 a resolution was passed at the DCP Special General Meeting which required that the views of members be consulted on the structure of the BPS and DCP, and on how the DCP represents clinical psychology to various groups, including government, commissioners and employers, with a view to improving this if needed.

The BPS has been undertaking a comprehensive review of its structures and this will report in May 2017. This is complex but important. For example, the Royal Charter means that the BPS must promote Psychology; the RCPsych is set up to promote Psychiatrists, and this contrast has presented significant difficulties for the DCP in promoting Clinical Psychologists and the profession of Clinical Psychology. The Structural Review is considering structures which would enable the BPS – and DCP - to meet a more diverse set of objectives.

Meanwhile, it is timely to consult members on the other issue – how well we feel the DCP represents us. This will be done using a brief online survey. As well as seeking the views of members, we will be hoping to canvass ex-members and potential members too, so do please pass on this information.

Please look out for the survey in your inbox, and please do take the time to respond – your views on this topic are very genuinely important for informing developments in the DCP and BPS in the future.