Author: Duncan Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Survivors Manchester
Date: 27th January 2017

'Unless you have been completely shut off from civilisation, you will be aware that a crisis in football has erupted. Well that’s what the press are calling it, but I disagree, the crisis isn’t in football, but in how we deal with the mental health and wellbeing of male victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

When Andy Woodward, formally of Crewe Alexandra FC, broke his 20 year silence and revealed to The Guardian that he had been sexually abused as a young player, he unknowingly lit a fuse. An avalanche of disclosures followed from many incredibly brave men who had kept these life changing secrets locked up for decades and the press scrambled for their ‘pound of flesh’. The multi-billion pound machismo world of football was turned upside down, and with it, the worlds of many boys and men who were pushed to emotional breaking point as they struggled with their own secret memories. Health professionals everywhere were hearing individual’s first disclosures of being victims of sexual abuse. Many asked for help and some wanted specialist support and at that point, professionals realise there’s a crisis in mental health dealing with the issue of sexual abuse and male victims/survivors...' read more