It has been well established that burnout occurs more frequently amongst professional people in the caring professions of medicine, nursing, social work and teaching and other people facing occupations.

This innovative Preventing Burnout in the Health and Social Care Professions Masterclass seeks to focus on a number interconnecting issues that are likely to be present: the issue of declining physical and mental health and how it impacts on performance and capability; the issue of stigma and how this relates to absenteeism and early retirement. Research indicates that the prevalence of burnout within healthcare professions approaches 25%.

Taking place in London on Monday 25 September 2017 another key theme of the masterclass is understand and work with The Equality Act in relation to how to make reasonable adjustments whilst maintaining occupational standards and developing individual and team based prevention and relapse management techniques.

The aims of this masterclass are twofold:

  1. To enable managers and heads of departments to recognise and deal with organisational factors that contribute to burnout and associated performance issues and
  2. To equip health care professionals to recognise and act on the cumulative effect of emotional stress and pressure that arises with dealing with people with needs on a daily basis.

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By the end of this masterclass delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the prevalence of burnout in healthcare professions
  • Explore how burnout affects individuals and wider organisational needs
  • Take steps to recognise, prevent and manage the physical, mental and behavioural symptoms of burnout
  • Learn how to work with The Equality Act, Fitness to Practice Requirements and Make Appropriate Reasonable Adjustments