In November 2019, the Government published 'Right to be heard' its response to the consultation on proposals for introducing mandatory learning disability and autism training for health and social care staff.

The response included a commitment to develop a standardised training package. The training will draw upon new materials as well as existing best practice, the expertise of people with a learning disability and/or autistic people, family carers as well as subject matter experts.

HEE and Skills for Care are co-ordinating the development of training in both health and social care. The training is being co-produced and delivered by people with a learning disability and/or autistic people, including family carers.

The training is named after Oliver McGowan, whose death shone a light on the need for health and social care staff to have better training.

Oliver's training is about awareness, understanding, challenging culture, changing hearts and minds. It does not include training about treatments or specific interventions. It will give staff the right skills to ensure people with a learning disability and autistic people have positive health and social care outcomes.

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training will be co designed and co delivered by people with a learning disability, and/or autistic people, family carers and subject matter experts. It includes face-to-face delivery and blended learning approaches.

The content is based on the Capabilities Framework for Supporting People with a Learning Disability and the Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People. See the capabilities frameworks. Oliver’s training will contain essential core content such as Diagnostic Overshadowing, the Laws, Reasonable Adjustments and Self Reflection.  This training is focused on the skills and knowledge required at Tier 1 and 2.

As part of the development of the programme we are holding Stakeholder Engagement events every four months to ensure that in addition to the stakeholders who are supporting the programme, we provide an opportunity to share the work with as wide an audience as possible.  The last Stakeholder Event was held on 12th February, was attended by over 300 people via Zoom, and received excellent feedback with many who attended keen to get involved in supporting the pilots.

Here is the link to the latest video we have produced with Paula McGowan, Oliver’s Mum and the Ambassador for our programme, which all trial partners will be using as part of their training, together with videos of the presentations from those partners describing their programme and work to date. These are now on our website.