The James Lind Alliance Sexual Violence Priority Setting Partnership (SVPSP) has recently launched its final consultation survey, open to any person with lived experience of sexual violence/abuse and the professionals who have experience in supporting survivors in a professional capacity. This UK initiative aims to identify important questions that survivors of sexual violence/abuse and the professionals who work with them agree should be prioritised by future research.


In a previous survey in early 2021, our team has heard from over 600 survivors and professionals from many different backgrounds. We used their answers to put together a list of unanswered questions about the best ways of supporting survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

We now need your help to ‘rank’ these questions and identify those that are most valued by people with lived experience of sexual violence / abuse and the professionals who support them. This will inform a list of 'top 10 priorities' that will be considered by funding bodies in the UK and hopefully improve the support provided to survivors in the future.

If you are a survivor or you work / have worked with survivors in a professional capacity (e.g. as a therapist or counsellor), you can complete our consultation survey here:

Many thanks for your help, and feel free to pass on this invite to any interested person

The SVPSP team


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