The NETS is the only national survey open to all students and trainees undertaking a practice placement or training post in healthcare as part of their education and training programme. The survey is open for four weeks from 2nd November to 30th November.

About the NETS

The survey gathers opinions from students and trainees about their time working and training in the placement learning environment, asking them to provide feedback on what is working well and what they think could be improved.

The NETS asks 32 questions covering the main aspects of the student experience, including Induction, Clinical Supervision, Facilities, Learning Opportunities and Teamwork.

We open the NETS twice each year, in June and November, to gather feedback from learners and offer education and placement providers an additional insight into the placement learning environment. The survey results are published and available to view in the NETS Reporting Tool.

Request for Support

To help the NETS to reach as many students and trainees as possible, HEE is seeking the support of education and placement providers in signposting and promoting the survey to all learners completing a practice placement or training post.

The survey is accessible here and a range of communication resources are available on our website to help to promote the NETS within your organisation. 

The NETS is an opportunity to understand the placement experience of students and trainees across England and we hope you will help us to share and signpost the survey.

For more information as well as help with specific queries, please see our website and FAQs.

Download this file (HEE_NETS_Flyer_Nov2021.pdf)HEE_NETS_Flyer_Nov2021.pdf[ ]1791 kB